How does it work?

Here's how Scamming the Coding Interview will help you standout as a software engineer in the interviews.

1. Each week gets a Topic of the Week

Each week gets a topic of the week on which all the questions will be based on. Example, Trees, Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Greedy etc

2. A question a day, on the topic of the week.

6 days a week you get a coding question on the topic of the week, delivered in your mailbox, along with the link to the solution.

3. System design and product engineering articles on weekends.

To help you really stand out as a software and product engineer, on weekends we send an article on system design and product engineering topics. Examples, distributed systems, messaging, telemetry, design patterns, case studies etc

4. You don't have to sweat it when the competition comes.

With consistent and spaced practice, we keep getting better and don't have to start mugging algorithms and concepts when an interview is scheduled.

Sample Coding Problem

Implement a file syncing algorithm for a low-bandwidth network.

Implement a file syncing algorithm for two computers over a low-bandwidth network. What if we know the files in the two computers are mostly the same? Topic Of the Week: Trees

Sample System Design Article

Basics of Database Partitioning and Partitioning Strategies

As our systems grow, the databases that power them grows too. This article gives an overview on what database partitioning is and what are the most common partitioning strategies that are used in systems out there.

Let's standout as an engineer.

There are no shortcuts to success, but with the right practice, odds turn into our favor.